Your disability, our secret – Bosommarland


The Sunflower Hidden Disabilities lanyard programme was launched at London Gatwick Airport in 2016 to act as an identification that the wearer has a disability that is not detectable to the naked eye and may require additional assistance. Only employees, who have received previous training, know the significance of wearing the sunflower lanyard.

BoSommarland joined this initiative in 2021 by providing all staff members with training that gave them basic knowledge on how to approach and act towards a guest with a disability as well as how to recognise the Sunflower lanyard.

Once the training was completed, BoSommarland made the lanyards available to people with disabilities who want to use them, so that they could benefit from advantages such as: priority queuing, access to remote picnic areas and free Sunflower items for use outside the park.

The number of visitors in this target group increased by 100% versus 2019. BoSomarland wants to further increase accessibility and inclusion, so all people with disabilities can enjoy the park.