New roller coaster ‘Storm’ becomes TusenFryd Park’s latest addition

If you have been looking for a high-speed, thrilling roller coaster ride which boasts being one of the best in Europe, look no further than TusenFryd Park. To find out all about the park’s investments and how its newest addition, ‘The Storm: The Dragon Legend’, can offer you the ride of a lifetime, read on and prepare to be impressed!

Introducing ‘New TusenFryd’ Park’s new ride, ‘The Storm: The Dragon Legend’

TusenFryd is transforming itself from a traditional amusement park into a theme park with distinctly separate zones. One of the top projects of this investment is a single, impressive attraction; this is the high-speed, grueling roller coaster, ‘Storm: The Dragon Legend’, which opened to the public on April 29th, 2023, after an investment of approx. €9 million.

‘Storm: The Dragon Legend’: One of Europe’s best roller coasters and the first European suspended, triple-launch track

If what you are looking for is an action-packed, stimulating ride that will keep you at the edge of your seat, TusenFryd’s new coaster ‘Storm: The Dragon Legend’ will go above and beyond your expectations.

This ride has a ‘suspended, triple launch’. To put it simply, imagine yourself thrilling under the rail passage and facing the world below while your feet dangle in mid-air! And to make it more exciting, the roller coaster accelerates not once, not twice, but three whole times! Finally, when you least expect it, it randomly heads backwards! Not for the faint of heart, to be sure!

Building ‘Storm: The Dragon Legend’: Its History

It was in March 2020 that the groundwork for the new roller coaster began. As with many other projects worldwide, the project was put on hold due to the unprecedented pandemic. But in November 2021, the foundation work finally went ahead and by October 2022, the supporting structure and rail track became an exciting reality.

And just before the Norwegian winter was about to set in, that is, around mid-November, the passenger units were finally connected to the whole structure. And there it was – the birth of our own ‘Storm’!

The construction process

As we only work with and assign the construction of our attractions to the best in the field, the ‘Storm’ was no exception. Indeed, the ‘Storm’ was constructed by Gerstlauer, one of the world’s most renown manufacturers of stationary and transportable amusement rides and roller coasters.

What’s more, the management team at TusenFryd Park also applied a great number of extensive tests in March so as to ascertain that the ‘Storm: The Dragon Legend’ was ready before its April launch.

The ride’s design and status as the park’s 8th roller coaster

The ‘Storm: The Dragon Legend’ boasts a wonderful theme reminiscent of traditional Scandinavian huts. Upon beholding the old-style wooden hut, step into the cozy, sheltered area where you board the ride. This TusenFryd roller coaster has indeed found its place in the lush green forest which surrounds it.

Finally, we cannot end this post without mentioning that ‘The Storm: The Dragon Legend’, is just but one of Tusenfryd Park’s eight rail tracks. Head to HuriHuri or Den Aller Minste, which features boldly colorful cars, for spins that never fail to tickle the young ones’ tummies! If you are more of a train enthusiast, the Western Express will be right down your alley! The list does not end there; after a classic rollercoaster, like Loopen? Maybe you prefer to ride one of the world’s tallest and steepest water roller coasters, our very own SuperSplash. Or perhaps you will get your adrenaline kick on SpeedMonster, where you can experience the exhilarating power of 6000 horsepower! Whatever the case, the park’s coasters are perfect for roller-coaster buffs the world over!

No wonder the managing director, Bjørn Håvard Solli, has proudly stated that this latest addition to the park’s attractions belongs to the absolute top tier of rides on the European continent. Indeed, the whole team can’t wait to see the smiling faces and hear the lively shrieks coming from everyone enjoying a day out, riding the Storm and taking on the other breathtaking rides at TusenFryd Park!