TusenFryd is Norway’s largest amusement park.
The park is strategically located in Vinterbro, 20 kilometers south of Oslo and close to the intersection of two of the longest freeway corridors in Norway

TusenFryd offers rides for visitors of all ages, including large and small roller coasters, carousels, a flumeride and a 5D haunted house. TusenFryd offers two themed areas (a Western area and Fryd’s Forest) with 29 attractions, 10 shops, 20 bars and restaurants, and cooperates with 31 hotels (via Parkferie, our online ticket sales package platform in Norway).
The park includes a water park area (BadeFryd) with a swimming pool, swimming river, slides and beach volleyball courts and it remains open throughout summer.

The park has one of the most innovative entrances of any amusement park: an escalator climb through one of the loops of the Speed Monster roller coaster.