Idlewild is one of the longest-operating attraction parks in the United States and the oldest attraction park in Pennsylvania

It is located 50 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in a rural area of natural beauty.

It has both an attraction park and a water park (SoakZone) and caters for families with children of up to 12 years old. It offers adventures, rides, a water park and shows as well as a variety of child-friendly restaurants, sweets, treats and snacks.

The top attractions include Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (opened in FY15, a young children’s trolley ride based on the popular television series), Rollo Coaster (built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and opened to Idlewild’s visitors in 1938, Rollo Coaster has been named a Classic Coaster by the American Coaster Enthusiasts and has two trains carrying riders up and down along a wooded hillside then around in a swooping curve and returning to the station.), Pipeline Plunge (a part of SoakZone comprising two twisting pipelines in which visitors descend more than 15 meters in two-person rafts) and Lazy River (opened in 2013, which allows visitors of all ages to float down a man-made river on an inner tube).

Visitors can cool off with 14 water slides, a huge pool, and other wet attractions such as the Giant Tipping Bucket, Little Squirts children’s area, and Captain Kidd’s Adventure Galley.