Our German parks’ initiative to support Special Olympic World Games 2023

Eroeffnungsfeier der Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 im Olympiastadion in Berlin am 17.06.2023 
Fotograf: Juri Reetz

We strongly believe that all people should be treated equally, and that everyone deserves access to a fun day out. For this reason, when it became official that the Special Olympics World Games would be held in Berlin, Germany, in 2023, it naturally followed that we wanted to find a way to show our support. Read on to find out all about the Special Olympic World Games and what action our parks took to show their belief in an inclusive, equal world.

Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 Photo: Juri Reetz


Introducing the Special Olympics World Games 2023

The Special Olympics is a global movement which began in Washington in 1968. Its aim is to empower athletes with intellectual disabilities and to contribute to the creation of a world which fosters and encourages inclusion and acceptance of all people. Today, the international event hosts thousands of athletes with intellectual and multiple disabilities and sees them compete in 26 sports. For this year only, Berlin is set to welcome 7000 Special Olympic athletes and Unified partners from around 190 countries, while there will also be 3000 coaches and 20000 volunteers. Quite impressive if we may say so ourselves!

We hold a special place for such causes and make our support clear at every chance – and indeed, what better opportunity to show our trust in such events than by taking action for the Special Olympics World Games 2023? This year, the Special Olympics World Games 2023 host town will be in lively Berlin, the capital of Germany, and is set to be one of the greatest international sporting events of this year.

Christoph Leitner of Germany

Table Tennis

Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, 18.06.2023

Foto: Marvin Ibo Guengoer

Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023
Photo: Marvin Ibo Guengoer

Our German parks show support for Special Olympics World Games 2023

The parks that you can visit in Germany are four; Belantis, Movie Park, Weltvogelpark and Tropical Island. Belantis is a family theme park which boasts over 60 attractions, four of which are exciting roller coasters, and is the perfect day out for the whole family. Movie Park is a film & amusement park near a number of amazing film studios while Weltvogelpark is home to 4000 birds from 675 species! Finally, Tropical Island is a one-of-its-kind indoor water park, with many swimming pools, sports facilities and exciting water slides!

The parks aim to provide everyone the opportunity to run, jump, walk, and swim, as well as striving to be a driving force for diversity and inclusion in sports globally!

So, when it was announced that the Special Olympics for 2023 would be held in Germany, from 17th to 25th June, it was the perfect opportunity for our parks to showcase their positive attitude towards this huge sporting event in Berlin. More specifically, our parks decided to hand over 800 free tickets to the games’ volunteers! This was our small, but hopefully appreciated, way of saying thank you and a way to recognize their commitment to the world’s largest inclusive sporting event.

Although it is only a small step, it is still a step in the right direction for the creation of a world which places everyone’s happiness, as well inclusivity and equality, as the highest priority through sports and fun.