“Batman Gotham City Escape”: This Year’s Next Big Thing and the Star of the Summer in Madrid

This summer, Parques Reunidos has welcomed one of their most important projects for 2023, the new “Batman Gotham City Escape” attraction at the Warner Madrid theme park. The rollercoaster gives you a narrative tour through the story of one of the most important superheroes we all know and love, Batman. What’s also new is that it is narrated along a 98-degree drop from 45 meters high, with multiple inversions and launches at over 100 kmph in a matter of seconds. The first multi-launch attraction in Spain has already revolutionized summer in Madrid since it opened in May.

The Batman attraction at Parque Warner Madrid recreates its main settings: Wayne Mansion, the Batcave and the Gotham Subway, through a story with villains like the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. This new ride is a completely immersive experience which will make visitors feel like they are part of the story, because it is Batman himself who helps them escape the villains.

An Immersive Adventure to Become Part of the Story

The adventure begins when Bruce Wayne opens the doors of his mansion to park visitors. When you get to the library, an unknown signal interrupts your visit: the Joker has taken all the visitors hostage, and after the walking tour, you have to ride the rollercoaster to escape.

Visitors then get onto the ride with electromagnetic propulsion systems and go on a trip with multiple launch points over more than 1010 meters in 111 seconds with sound and effects on board its 12-passenger cars, which include over-the-shoulder restraints to leave your shoulders free and make you truly let go during the inversions.

The second launch puts passengers face-to-face with Poison Ivy in Robinson Park’s botanical gardens. The rollercoaster continues at top speed with twists, turns, descents and climbs thanks to four more full inversions and two high-speed launches. During the six-minute adventure, visitors tour Bruce Wayne’s iconic mansion, fight against The Joker and discover never-before seen secrets of the Batcave.

DC Super Heroes World: The Themed Area that is Home to the New Attraction

Parque Warner has five themed areas, where the common thread is the world of cinema, animation, and the best superheroes. “Batman Gotham City Escape” is part of the DC Super Heroes World universe, a world which makes visitors part of the most exciting stories alongside the main characters in the universe. It should be noted that this new rollercoaster is the newest and most innovative rollercoaster in Madrid; unlike others, which have their own specific location and don’t pass through the places where visitors are walking, “Batman Gotham City Escape” is right in the center of the park so, as people walk through its streets… the rollercoaster’s rails go right over their heads!

Parques Reunidos Group’s 2023 showpiece

More than 20 million euros has been invested in this new rollercoaster in Madrid, making it one of the most important projects in 2023 for Parques Reunidos Group, one of the largest entertainment operators in the world, with more than 50 leisure facilities in Europe, North America, and Australia, including theme parks, zoos, water and marine parks, indoor leisure centers and other attractions. This investment demonstrates Parque Reunidos’ commitment to its audience, as it continues to give them innovative experiences at its various entertainment venues.

Summer is full of stories at Parque Warner in Madrid and the Batman attraction at the park is just the start of some great adventures.