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25 April, 2023

Waste reduction at Wet&Wild and Castle Park

Waste volume reduction- Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe

During 2021 Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe has implemented new initiatives aimed at reducing waste at its facilities.

The maintenance of a park like Wet&Wild involves the consumption of products, such as chlorine, which are supplied in drums or buckets. During 2021, the park partnered with several local companies that reuse these containers for other purposes, thus reducing the amount of waste generated.

In addition, Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe has continued to implement waste reduction procedures that have been launched in recent years, such as purchasing materials made from recycled materials from trusted suppliers, reduction of straws and plastic lids at all food and beverage locations, recycling programme for aluminium bottles, scrap metal, as well as used motor oil and food, recycling of wooden pallets or use of recycled asphalt in the parking area instead of new gravel.

Overcoming the difficulties in waste segregation – Castle Park

Visitors to leisure parks generate waste when visiting our restaurants, or during the time the spent in the park, however they do not always properly segregated that waste. This issue is common to all parks in all regions.

In 2021, Castle Park, in order to increase the segregation of waste for recycling, installed three-compartment (food, recyclable, and general waste) bins throughout the park. This made it easier for customers to separate their waste. However, this initiative did not achieve the expected results and segregation was still not carried out properly.

In order to achieve the expected results in 2022, several modifications will be made to make the segregation more intuitive and attractive for both children and all visitors. These changes includes, for example, modifying the position of the signage in relation to the bin (currently it is only at the top), separating the bins from each other and identify them with colours (depending on the type of waste that has to be deposited in them) and placing labels showing the icon of the park and the examples of waste to be deposited.