The Group

Mission, Values, and Objectives

The mission, values, and objectives of Parques Reunidos are to provide unforgettable moments of fun and entertainment for all our guests, offering unique, rich, innovative, creative and safe experiences.

We aim to spread happiness in our social environment by contributing to our employees’ personal and professional development.
Last but not least, we aim to generate increased value for our shareholders and investors.


This policy is underpinned by our principles, which are based on “the five S”: safety, service, sales, savings and smiles. These values are shared consistently and prioritized equally across all of Parques Reunidos’ sites.


  • Safety
  • Service
  • Sales
  • Savings
  • Smiles

Our greatest priority is to take care of our clients and employees.
Under no circumstances will this priority be diminished for economic or operational reasons.

Our constant challenge is to deliver full satisfaction to all our clients.

One of our tasks, particularly for those in positions of responsibility, is to pro-actively gauge our clients’ reactions in order to identify possible areas for improvement as well as new opportunities.

We are constantly creating new products and services which we consider to be very valuable to our clients, whilst effectively contributing to an increase in profits.

We make optimum use of the resources we manage, efficiently transferring greater value to our clients, employees and investors.

Savings and cost control are vital in all areas to allow us to achieve maximum global economic efficiency.

We want our clients and staff to be satisfied and happy.

Moreover, we want our employees to be involved in their work, participate in improvement initiatives and feel that their ideas are taken into account.


Our 5-year vision for Parques Reunidos is to consolidate the company’s position among the leaders in the global leisure park sector, by constantly improving our existing assets, acquiring new centers, or taking over management of their operations and developing new entertainment concepts.