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11 November, 2022

Taking an international stand against hate: Movie Park Germany and Haunters Against Hate organize special Halloween Event Day

The Halloween Horror Festival at Movie Park Germany can spread more than just fear and darkness! Together with the U.S. organization Haunters Against Hate, Germany’s largest movie and theme park organized a joint Halloween Event Day for equality and tolerance on October 1, 2022.

The Halloween scare actors – who are often referred to as “haunters” within the community – were at the center of the action and drew attention to important social issues. As part of this cooperation, various actions were implemented throughout the day and evening at Movie Park.


Teaming up and spreading a joint message: Haunters Against Hate and Movie Park Germany

Not only was it a colorful event that caught people’s attention, it was a big premiere at the same time: With the special Halloween Event Day, Movie Park Germany was the first theme park to ever host a Haunters Against Hate event and it was also the first event of this kind in Europe. Being an NGO that serves a good cause and supports values such as equality, tolerance, diversity, solidarity, and community, Haunters Against Hate was a perfect match for the Germany-based theme park. Haunters Against Hate’s mindset is also reflected in the park values, thus making a strong match for the joint Halloween Event Day.

With this special event day, Movie Park Germany did not only give the Halloween Horror Festival an even more international character, but the park also managed to bring some light into the darkness: Movie Park supported a good cause and donated 1,500 euros to thematically matching organizations that support youth groups, diversity and stand up for more tolerance and equality.

Colorful program schedule for the whole day: from an inspiring panel discussion to a big Halloween parade

To set an example in the context of the Halloween Horror Festival, Movie Park Germany showed itself not only from its well-known scary and dark side on October 1. The Horrorwood Studios experienced a visual awakening of a special kind and shone in colorful matching symbolism: Some locations of the park were decorated and illuminated in rainbow colors to send a message of equality and tolerance.


A panel discussion was also part of the program schedule and invited speakers gathered in the Warsteiner Saloon to talk about their own experiences and the current challenges within society regarding discrimination and bullying as well as the goal of working towards a community with more tolerance and equality. Monster actors from Movie Park also shared their very personal stories, how they experienced hate and discrimination and how they learned from it. Those speeches did not only move the audience emotionally but also served as important points of discussion during the panel.  The panel was presented by one of Movie Park’s scare actors. Haunters Against Hate founder and president Paul Lanner was part of the speakers and traveled directly from America to Germany to join the Halloween Event Day.

To illustrate the symbolism behind the joint Halloween Event Day at Movie Park, a big parade with approximately 300 participants kicked off the evening. Here, the monsters of all eight horror houses of Movie Park as well as the street performers walked up and down Horrorwood Boulevard accompanied by matching marching music and visually picked up on various themes in the parade. Self-made signs and banners were included to get a clear message across. For most people, the parade was the highlight of the event day.


Information booths and a giant photo spot: visualizing the event

Information booths and a giant photo point could not be missing on such an important day! The logo of the event day, which was created especially for that day and showed a selection of Movie Park scare actors around a globe, was printed on a big banner. It was hanging down from the Photo Magic building and served as a big photo backdrop. Lots of visitors took the chance to take a photo in front of the design. The photo point was complemented by a red carpet that visitors could step upon and brought in the Movie Park symbolism and movie identity during the event.

After a successful and colorful day at the park, the Movie Park team and Haunters Against Hate agreed to stay in contact. The event amazed both sides alike and even led to new friendships and personal connections.

For those interested in Haunters Against Hate and their projects, their website includes further information on upcoming events as well as the main idea behind the organization: