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25 April, 2023

Reducing enviromental impact in Movie Park

Movie Park joined the ECOPROFIT® initiative in September 2019 (Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Protection, in German ÖKOPROFIT®). This is a cooperation project between the regional economy, the administration and a group of experts that offers companies an environmental management approach focusing on awareness-raising and implementation of measures.

The aim is to reduce operational emissions, conserve natural resources, increase eco-efficiency and raise awareness of the environment and sustainability.

Project participants are audited based on a catalogue of criteria (e.g. a waste management programme, an environmental policy or the use of key indicators).

For several years, Movie Park Germany has implemented numerous sustainability measures in the areas of gastronomy, retail, park operation and attractions, as well as the maintenance of green spaces. These include the use of fewer plastic products and the increased use of regional products in gastronomy. The suppliers of the products sold in the shops must also be certified, the bags are made from recycled material and sugar cane and bear the Blue Angel (an environmental label awarded in Germany to products and services that are particularly environmentally friendly).