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16 de September de 2016

Atlantis Aquarium


The new Atlantis Aquarium, which will open its doors in the fall of 2018, will be the first aquarium in the world to be located in a shopping mall and to combine the concept of a traditional aquarium with highly interactive activities through state-of-the-arts technology. This new attraction will have an exhibition tank with sea turtles, a penguin exhibit with artificial snow, and a 449,000 gallon aquarium featuring sharks. In addition, visitors will be able to view various species of tropical fish, poisonous fish and jellyfish.

The visitor will play an active part in the tour and will become another protagonist in addition to the animals themselves. The visit begins at the lower level and moved along different ecosystems, such as beaches, mangroves, shallow marine waters, and the deep sea. All of them will include installations like multi-content screens, light and sound games, video screenings, 3D/4D/VR experiences, and holograms. These state-of-the-arts technological installations will submerge the public in this new aquarium’s adventure.

The upper level will also include an educational classroom, an interactive area with underwater cameras, and several “touch and explore” areas where the public will be able to come in close contact with rays and invertebrate. There will also be diving experiences in the main tank and an educational tour of the technical areas from the central tank.

Atlantis Aquarium will have a 2,700-square feet restaurant space that will also be open to the shopping mall visitors.