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23 de January de 2023

Parque Warner Madrid 20th Anniversary

It has been 20 years since Parque Warner Madrid opened its doors to the public to offer incredible experiences to its visitors. Since then, this theme park has significantly transformed into a destination for thousands of tourists and residents in the Madrid community. For its anniversary, Parque Warner Madrid offered its visitors a unique program throughout 2022.

Top-rated attractions, shows, themed areas, performances and family activities marked the start of the 20th-anniversary celebrations. They began with the premiere of the new musical Dreamers, a family show which explored different musical genres from the history of cinema and entertainment.

Another highlight was the Superstars 20th Anniversary Parade, a pure celebration with Looney Tunes characters, DC Comics Superheroes, and other beloved members of the Warner Bros. family. Parque Warner Madrid also premiered Steampunk Saloon, a show with Wild West-style musical rhythms, which recreated the arrival of inhabitants from a distant future.


Central Perk, the iconic coffee shop from the TV series Friends, has undoubtedly been one of the most popular attractions for visitors in the Parque Warner anniversary year. This addition boasts a replica of the New York coffee shop Central Perk from the popular Warner Bros. series in which Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe spent great moments on the legendary couch. At Halloween, one of the most anticipated seasons for visitors, the park premiered the new IT walkthrough horror attraction, a terrifying experience designed for the bravest visitors, along with the exclusive Halloween Scary Nights horror evenings, which provided a unique program for fearless people.



Parque Warner Madrid has brought its 20th anniversary to a spectacular close but will continue to offer unique family experiences to its visitors in 2023, just like the new unique roller coaster Gotham City Escape. With 1,010 meters of travel, 111 seconds of duration and a speed of 104 km/h, it will make everyone scream when crossing its 45-meter high ‘top hat’!