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25 November, 2022

Mirabilandia, doors open to solidarity

Giving smiles and light-hearted moments is the goal of all our amusement parks. Being able to offer them to those who have lived through a dramatic and upsetting experience would be the best way to achieve this ambitious goal.

Mirabilandia has succeeded in this challenge and this year decided to dedicate the start of the season to a solidarity initiative for all the families fleeing the war in Ukraine.


Over 1,500 guests from the war-torn territories

On the first weekend of opening – 2 and 3 April 2022 – over 1,500 Ukrainian refugees were hosted at Italy’s largest amusement park. This is an important gesture that bears witness to the great attention we have paid to families with children – but also to many single women with children – staying in accommodation facilities on the Romagna Riviera and in the hinterland, who have fled the horrors of war.

Collaboration with the territory

Thanks to a close collaboration with the territory, and with the mayors of San Lazzaro, Rimini, Cesenatico, Cervia, Forlì, Riccione and Ravenna, and with the local transport companies, Mirabilandia was able to offer two days of joy and light-heartedness, with the aim of alleviating at least part of the severe stress suffered. A true testament to the solidarity network that was immediately activated at the regional level. A community of organisations, companies, associations and many private individuals who demonstrated their strong presence and sensitivity.

Giving fun

The 2022 season is an important one for Mirabilandia: it celebrates 30 years of great shows and Guinness World Record-breaking attractions. But alongside the entrepreneurial activity – one of the most important in the area – there has always been a big heart that has managed to pool forces and resources to help Ukrainian families. Putting fun at the disposal of those who really need serenity and lightness is particularly exciting and is among the most beautiful gifts a company can give itself.