Investor Calendar

All relevant information provided to the Spanish National Stock Market Commission (CNMV) by Parques Reunidos Servicios Centrales, S.A. is published in its webpage.


Fecha Evento
09/05/2019 Announcement of Q1 FY19 Results
16/01/2019 Exane BNP Conference-Spain Investor’s Day
11/12/2018 Tropical Islands Acquisition Announcement
27/10/2018 FY18 Results Announcement
04/10/2018 Trading Update FY18
27/07/2018 Announcement of Q3 FY18 Results
31/05/2018 Announcement of H1 FY18 Results
21/03/2018 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
08/02/2018 Q1 FY18 Results Announcement
29/11/2017 FY17 Annual Results Presentation
05/10/2017 Trading Update FY17
28/07/2017 Announcement of Q3 FY17 results
07/06/2017 Announcement of H1 FY17 results
18/05/2017 Scandinavian Midcap Event – Copenhagen
08/02/2017 Announcement of Q1 FY17 results / Investor conference call (1.30pm CET)
1-2/02/2017 Santander Iberian Conference – Madrid
10-11/01/2017 Exane BNPP Spain Investors Days – Madrid