Relevant Facts

Relevant Fact 29/11/2017: Appointment of Ana Bolado as member of the Board of Directors

Relevant Fact 29/11/2017: FY17 Annual Report on Remunerations of Directors

Relevant Fact 29/11/2017: FY17 Corporate Governance Annual Report

Relevant Fact 29/11/2017: FY17 Interim Financial Information

Relevant Fact 29/11/2017: FY2017 Results Presentation (pdf)

Relevant Fact 27/11/2017: FY17 Results Presentation Announcement

Relevant Fact 05/10/2017: Current Trading Update

Relevant Fact 28/07/2017: Q3 FY17 Interim Information Statement

Relevant Fact 28/07/2017: Q3 FY17 Results Presentation

Relevant Fact 26/07/2017: Q3 FY17 Results Presentation by Conference Call Announcement

Relevant Fact 07/06/2017: CNMV Semester Report

Relevant Fact 07/06/2017: Semester Accounts

Relevant Fact 07/06/2017: H1 FY17 Results Presentation

Relevant Fact 06/06/2017: Information regarding dividend payment

Relevant Fact 06/06/2017: Conference Call FY 2016/2017 First Semester Financial Results

Relevant Fact 04/25/2017: Appointment of Mr. Colin Hall as GBL’s representative in the Board of Directors

Relevant Fact 03/16/2017: Approved resolutions at General Shareholders Meeting

Relevant Fact 03/10/2017: Transmissions and purchases of capital undertakings

Relevant Fact 02/14/2017: Novation agreement regarding syndicated loan

Relevant Fact 02/09/2017:  General Shareholders Meeting

Relevant Fact 02/08/2017: Announcement of General Shareholders Meeting + new address

Relevant Fact 02/08/2017: Q1 FY17 Results Presentation + Interim Information Statement

Relevant Fact 02/07/2017: Presentation by conference call 1Q 2016-2017 Results

Relevant Fact 01/05/2017: Corporación Financiera Alba, S.A.

Relevant Fact 01/05/2017: Successfully completed accelerated bookbuilding

Relevant Fact 01/04/2017: Accelerated bookbuilding

Relevant Fact 12/19/2016: Agreement between Parques Reunidos Valencia S.A and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

Relevant Fact 12/16/2016: Long term incentive plan (the “LTIP”)

Relevant Fact 11/28/2016: Results second half 2015-2016

Relevant Fact 11/28/2016: Annual Remuneration Report 2016

Relevant Fact 11/28/2016: Annual Corporate Governance Report 2016

Relevant Fact 11/28/2016: Results Presentation FY2016 + (pdf) Results Presentation

Relevant Fact 11/25/2016: Declarations of conformity

Relevant Fact 11/21/2016: FY 2016 Financial Results

Relevant Fact 11/15/2016: Parques Reunidos and Lionsgate announce partnership to develop Lionsgate branded leisure centres.

Relevant Fact 10/14/2016: Q4 Current Trading Update

Relevant Fact 08/05/2016: Term extension of the lease agreement of the water park Aquopolis de Torrevieja

Relevant Fact 07/29/2016: Quarterly report (3Q) + Interim Information Statement

Relevant Fact 07/29/2016: Results presentation 3Q 2015/2016

Relevant Fact 07/28/2016: Communication of the signature of two new contracts for two Mall Entertainment Centres (MEC) (Madrid- Spain)

Relevant Fact 07/28/2016: Communication of the signature of a new contract for a Mall Entertainment Centre (MEC) (Lisbon –Portugal)

Relevant Fact 07/28/2016: Expert’s agreement on the valuation of the damages suffered by Marineland (France) as a consequence of the flood suffered in October 2015

Relevant Fact 07/27/2016: Signature of a management agreement for two parks in Vietnam

Relevant Fact 07/18/2016: 30 June 2016 Quarterly results call.

Relevant Fact 07/05/2016: Movie Park Germany has reached an agreement to use the Star Trek license in connection with a themed interactive entertainment experience.

Relevant Fact 27/05/2016: Morgan Stanley

Relevant Fact 05/23/2016: Extension of the lease agreement of the Aquopolis Torrevieja water park.

Relevant Fact 05/11/2016: Parques Reunidos, Viacom and intu agreement.

Relevant Fact 04/28/2016: Final pricing of the Secondary and Primary Offering