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4 de March de 2019

From one roller coaster to a “Land of Legends”

The news we’ve had from Belgium have surprised Bobbejaanland fans and amusement park lovers alike. In November 2018, the Belgian park announced a spectacular new roller coaster that would open in 2019. Who would have thought then that the project would actually entail the construction of a totally new themed area!

Yves Peeters, the park’s general manager, revealed that the new themed area will be “the first themed are in Bobbejaanland to offer a complete experience”. We invite you to read on and discover some more details about the new adventure coming to Bobbejaanland.



Land of Legends will be built around four attractions tha represent each the four natural elements. Fury will be the ride of fire, Typhoon will represent the wind, Sledge Hammer will be the earth, and Naiads Waters will represent water.


Developing this themed are will be the biggest investment in the history of Bobbejaanland. Its objective is to create a fictional real and a compelling story that will encourage visitors to take part in its unfolding. The drawings and designs from the theming show how the areas surrounding the attractions will fill up with decorations and sculptures that will turn this area of the Belgian park into an authentic Land of Legends


To build the storyline underlining Land of Legends, Bobbejaanland secured the collaboration of Mathinda Masters, a well-known Flemish writer who specializes in fiction for children and youth. With her help, Bobbejaanland hopes to delve deeper into the possibilities the story can offer, this providing the public with a solid and appealing short story. For now, we can provide a short summary:


In a remote location on our planet, the Guardian of the Elements created the Land of Legends, a legendary and magical land where four realms guarded by four portals keep each of the four elements in their purest form. After creating this land, The Guardian of the Elements sealed the portals to protect the elements from the evil forces of the world, without realizing these forces had entered the Land of Legends and now threatened the elements from within. The Guardian of the Elements will only succeed in saving the elements with the help of all those who visit the Land of Legends.


Fury, the ride of fire, will be the star at the new themed area. This ride will be an Infinity Coaster by German manufacturer Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. It’s most innovative feature, however, is its LSM (Linear Synchronous Motors) technology: an electromagnetic propulsion mechanism which uses electricity to propel the cars up and down the rails at a high speed.


While riding Fury, you will face Fogo the dragon (whose name, by the way, means “fire” in Portuguese). Fury will feature three different launches, which will turn this new ride into one of the most thrilling roller coasters in Belgium. The ride propels the cars forwards, then backwards, then forwards again along more than 600 meters of track, reaching more than 100km/h and ascending over 40 meters.