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8 de April de 2019

Engaged with Autism

Abril 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. This celebration is a great opportunity to change our attitude towards people with autism, to contribute to imporving their well-being, and recognize their rights as citizens. Parque Warner remains an example to all parks by organizing a very special event to raise awareness, which this year took place on March 31st.

AUTISMO PLENA INCLUSIÓN MADRID, a group of associations working to advance the defense of civil rights for people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), has brought together ASD patients and their families at Parque Warner, to create more visibility and social awareness  about the fact that people with Autism are, in fact, “people” who live and feel the same world as us, but look at it from a different perspective. AUTISMO PLENA INCLUSIÓN MADRID assembles a large number of associations who are also enganged with this cause: Aleph Tea, Fundación Ángel Riviere, Asociación Asperger Madrid, Astea Henares, Nortea, Cepri, Pauta, ProTGD and Trastea.




This task is fundamental to the Parques Reunidos Foundation values, which, through the Parques Reunidos Spirit, shared Warner Park’s good practices and efforts to raise awareness about Autism with all the group’s parks.

Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is generally quite unknown. People with autism face many hurdles when it comes to fully enjoying their fundamental rights and fully being members of society. These limitations vary from one individual to the next and depend on their specific needs, yet they all have one common denominator: They can be overcome when the entire community is engaged.



For the Autism assoative movement, it is very important to make society understand which are the hurdles ASD patients face, because that understanding can create an evironment that could better adapt to their needs and strengthen these individuals incluse in all social fronts.


During they day, all Warner Park employees wore a blue T-Shirt especially designed for the event. Actor from the movie “Campeones“, Sergio Olmos, along with members of the cast Jesús Lago, José de Luna, Alberto Nieto, Fran Fuentes and Stefan López , read a touching speech that allowed many attendees to connect with the cause. Once the event had finished, all attendees took a photo showing the infinity sign.