We seek to have a positive impact on our team and communities by operating responsibly. The safety and well-being of all our guests is our top priority. Parques Reunidos complies with each and every one of the established safety regulations, and goes beyond regulatory requirements, setting new standards for the industry worldwide.

We also have a strong focus on sustainability, protection of wildlife and the natural world, environmental education, science and research. We are committed to ensuring that animals receive the best possible care. Our zoos and marine life parks make sure all of our animals’ needs are met and exceed all government regulations and professional animal care standards.

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Parques Reunidos Foundation

The Parques Reunidos Foundation goal is to contribute to creating a more sustainable and more charitable society, enabling vulnerable communities who have special needs to easily access educational and entertaining experiences at Parques Reunidos, as well as preserving biodiversity by supporting reserach and raising awareness about sustainability.

The Foudation aims to share the “Parques Reunidos Spirit” with society by fostering a global adoption of a social model inspired by sustainable development and that integrates vulnerable communities.

The Parques Reunidos Spirit

The “Parques Reunidos Spirit” groups together all the actions carried out by the Parques Reunidos Fundation as well as by the parks in the group that fall within these scopes:

  • Protecting childhood in the scopes of health and family, as well as protecting and acknowledging all other persons that may be affected by a chronic illsness and/or disabilities.
  • Participating to social integration efforts towards families and other vulnerable communities that may find themselves at risk of social exclusion.
  • Fostering education and raising awareness about sustainable development and natural heritage conservation.
  • Contribuiting to the preserving threatened species and colaborating in scientific reserach to benefit biodiversity.


  • Childhood & Health
  • Society
  • Education & Raising Awareness
  • Biodiversity & Research

Through the Parques Reunidos Spirit, all the parks in the group contribute to bringing entertainment to children with chronic or rare illnesses and to adults with similar diagnostics or disabilities through ticket donations and visits from the parks’ characters to hospitals and healthcare centers. The objective is to provide them with the same opportunities as any other customer to enjoy the parks.

A part of the Parques Reunidos Spirit’s engagement activities also try to make the parks in the group accessible to underprivileged communities who might risk social exclusion. The Foundation, as well as a number of parks, collaborate with associations and foundations at the local, national and even international level to contribute to these communities well-being and to provide certain resources to enable them to visit the parks near them.

The Foundation’s objective is to foster equal opportunities at all the parks in the group and to contribute to an general effort for social justice.

The Parques Reunidos Spirit represents the conviction that only through the proper information, education and awareness-raising can we -as a society- achieve the necessary public conciousness to understand the value of nature and the environment, and to foster the conservation of biological diversity and protect the our natural heritage.

All the parks in the group –and especially all animal parks- play a special and essential role in the public’s education. Visits to animal parks are designed as an education experience complemented by descriptive banners and other materials containing detailed information about the animals under our care, their natural habitats, and the threats they face in the wild.

The conservation of ecosystems and the protection of thereatened species are cornerstones on which Parques Reunidos bases its project since even before the 2003 Law on Zoological Insititutions began regulating the role of zoos in the scope of natural conservation.

the Foundation and the animal parks in the group take active part in research projects and collaborate with different zoological institutions, museums, and universities at the international level.


Find out more at the Parques Reunidos Foundation website