Business Development

Why Parques Reunidos?

Parques Reunidos is the only successful leisure park operator with a worldwide presence to manage all types of parks across all sectors and under different business formulas: park ownership and operation, operation of third-party parks and advisory services for park developers. These features make us the best choice in terms of size, capacity, flexibility and expertise for investors and financial institutions interested in developing new leisure parks.

We are able to achieve the highest international margins in our sectors and the best deals on attraction and animal procurement thanks to our purchasing power, our knowledge of all potential suppliers and our negotiating tactics, all of which enables us to obtain the best value for money.

Parques Reunidos offers developers a wide range of valuable services in all different phases of greenfield projects aimed at building new leisure parks, from consulting services during the preliminary and development phases right through to business management and park operation. Similarly, our involvement significantly increases the chances of successfully securing financing for new projects.

Parques Reunidos has a highly experienced management team throughout the organization with an outstanding track record.