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12 de March de 2019

A two Michelin-star chef at an amusement park?

On March 1st, visitors at Madrid’s Parque de Atracciones bumped into a television reporter who would ask them:

– Have you ever dined in a two Michelin-star restaurant?

– No, never, I wish I could!

– Well, a two Michelin-star chef is here at the park right now, would you like to meet him?

Mario Sandoval, famous for Coque Restaurant in Madrid, presented to the press the all-natural and healthy menu designed for the restaurant “San Isidro Market”, at Parque de Atracciones, which will be 50 years old on May 15th, precisely on Saint Isidro’s Day. The chef kindly posed with visitors, journalists and park employees, who enjoyed a menu tasting after the presentation.

Mario Sandoval has reinvented Madrid’s traditional cuisine and made it accessible to everyone in a tapas fashion. The menu includes an assortment of starters such as “Dados de Torreznos’ (thick pieces of bacon cut in cubes, marinated, dried and deep-fried), Madrid-style tripe, Iberian ham “croquetas” or ‘Patatas bravas’, among others.

The 100% Madrid seal is clearly present among main dishes such as the Iberian Ribs, baked at low temperature and glazed with barbeque sauce, the Iberian pork cheeks in red wine sauce, the Madrid style oxtail stew, or other popular dishes designed around the famous Guadarrama veal such as the Veal tenderloin in chimichurri sauce or the o the popular Gourmet Burguer with caramelized onion and cheese cream.

The partnership with the famous chef to design and produce every items in the menu has been the result of a long period during which Mario Sandoval has trained the park’s cooks, with such a positive outcome that we are hope to give you more news soon…maybe from another one of our parks!