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26 de October de 2022

A First Season of Fun at Adventureland Resort

Parques Reunidos takes pride in being a growth-oriented company, always looking for the right opportunity to add to our global portfolio of attractions.

Having navigated through the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, conditions slowly and surely returned to a point where it was possible to consider the complex undertaking of acquiring a new leisure attraction.



Enter Adventureland Resort. The sprawling destination featuring a theme park, water park, hotel, restaurant and campground is located just outside of Des Moines, the capital city of the American state of Iowa, and perfectly fit the model Parques Reunidos seeks for growth opportunities. This family-owned and operated attraction built a legacy over nearly 50 years of service and smiles to its community.

Adventureland offers multiple reasons to visit from several newly added roller coasters, to the immersive Adventure Bay water park and attached Adventureland Inn to inspire day visits and vacation trips even during cold Midwestern winters in the park’s offseason.

The thrilling Monster roller coaster

These factors and more are why during December 2021, Adventureland became the newest member of the Parques Reunidos group, managed by our American subsidiary, Palace Entertainment.

It has been an eventful and insightful first season at the Home of Iowa’s Best Thrills, headlined by major investments and upgrades to thrill visitors from the Hawkeye State and beyond.

Bernie Bernard strolling through Adventureland

Adventureland opened the year by adding nine new attractions offering spins, swings and, above all, smiles. In August, the park revealed more new additions coming in 2023: a two-ride pairing of a new family roller coaster, Flying Viking, with a next-generation log flume water ride, Draken Falls. The new rides intertwine with each other, complete with an immersive, Nordic theme that resonates strongly in the American Midwest. The addition of these two rides will bring the total additions to a grand total of eleven new rides, all family-oriented for a wide range of riders young and old, over a two-season span.

The Lighthouse children’s attraction

But that is not all! Adventureland also expanded its seasonal offerings with its first-ever Halloween event, Phantom Fall Fest. The park is now open in October for the first time in its nearly 50-year history, as Phantom Fall Fest gives guests the opportunity to play all day with festive family fun, then fright all night through several haunted houses and walkthrough scare zones populated by creepy creatures of the night such as vampires, zombies, and crazed clowns. Adding to the excitement are the park’s most thrilling rides, even more of an adrenaline rush after dark on a cool fall night, and sweet and savory seasonal treats to go with all the tricks offered on Adventureland’s midways.

As you can see, it has been a busy first year under the Parques Reunidos umbrella for Adventureland Resort! We are so glad to have this park and its people as part of our team, and know the best is yet to come: even beyond the two new rides opening in 2023, we have big plans to continue growing Adventureland into a destination that visitors from all over America will be eager to enjoy.

The Rockin’ Rainbow family attraction